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The Badminton Bracelet

Made to Order

Okay, here you have it - The Fewer Finer Badminton Bracelet. This is the third in the series of racquet sport inspired diamond bracelets in the collection. 

Inspired by the backside of the badminton birdie, this six prong setting with a rounded button back, and the large diamond size, makes all the difference in what sets this piece apart. The fluid movement made possible by articulated jump rings between each setting that allows this piece to move smoothly rather than have a stiff structure.

It's all in the details. Let's play! 

  • 14k yellow gold, platinum available by request 
  • 30 point diamonds, D-F Color, additional sizes and qualities available by request 
  • Bezels measure 6.2 mm wide, 4.1 mm deep
  • This piece is custom made to size so that it fits perfectly around your wrist with no excess material
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for production, as this piece is made to order just for you