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After School Snack Ring

The After School Snack is a ring with one baguette diamond set on the top. This ring is named so because when I was younger, my mom would take us to the bakery after school to pick up a snack and I would get a whole baguette for myself.

Reflecting on this now, the whole scene makes me laugh. I love the image of my younger self with a long baguette, surrounded by my siblings with their cookies and cinnamon rolls, stuffed in the back of our car as we drive home after school together.  This ring is weighted on the top and tapered on the bottom which feels especially comfortable on the finger. 

  • 14k yellow gold (alternative metals available upon request)
  • One approximately 2mm long white baguette diamond
  • Comes in ring sizes 2.5 - 9
  • Measures 2.8mm at its widest point, tapers towards the bottom