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Eternal Bracelets


“I wanted to create a bracelet that was tailored to each person—that symbolizes eternity, with no clasp, no beginning and no end. I create these pieces by micro-welding them around your wrist for a semi-permanent piece that’s timeless, tough, and meant to be worn forever.*”


*If you need to remove this piece for any reason, simply have it clipped off and  send it back to me—I can add a clasp and make it a regular bracelet that you can continue to wear forever. 

To have a bracelet made, inquire about a private appointment at our Greenpoint, Brooklyn office below. Madison also hosts special events where Eternal Bracelet welding is offered.

To learn about upcoming events where you can get an Eternal Bracelet and invites to VIP welding parties, sign up for emails via the newsletter sign up below. 

There are a variety of chain styles offered, starting at $400 per bracelet. To see the different styles offered, please visit the Eternal Bracelet product page