Eternal Bracelets by Fewer Finer


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Eternal Bracelets by Fewer Finer [product type] - Fewer Finer
Eternal Bracelets by Fewer Finer [product type] - Fewer Finer

I am thrilled to launch Eternal Bracelets by Fewer Finer, a project that's been in the works for years - longer, in fact, than the brand itself. 

It started with my obsession around creating a bracelet that did not have excess material or larger links on the inside of the wrist. I wasn't into one-size-fits-all fine jewelry. I wanted my pieces to be tailored to me, and I wanted yours to be too.

Another thing I am picky about is the bracelet clasp - that's why I use a beautiful, strong, and streamline looking lobster lock, made in Italy, for all pieces in the Fewer Finer collection. For these bracelets, I wanted to eliminate a clasp and set out on a quest to figure out how to do so. 

I researched and inquired, got turned down and discouraged but eventually flew across the country to train on a special German machine that allows me to do what I dreamed of doing: fastening custom fit bracelets around the wrist without a clasp. This special machine allows me to micro weld at such a small frequency that I can do it right on the wrist.

I am so happy with the response to this type of piece and the excitement I've received. I, too, wanted something like this for so long and am happy to be able to share it with you now. 

Currently available only by private appointment or at special events, which I will keep posted here and on Instagram (most immediate updates). A variety of chain styles will be offered, starting at $300 per bracelet.  

Upcoming Eternal Bracelet welding events: 

    • January 29th, Wednesday - Freda Salvador, Nolita NYC - 4pm - 8pm
    • February 2nd, Sunday - Taking private appointments in NYC, email for availability - 10am - 1pm
    • February 14th, Friday - Jenni Kayne, Tribeca NYC - 11am- 8pm 
    • February 21st - 23rd, Friday - Sunday - Freda Salvador, San Francisco 
    • March 6th - 8th, Friday - Sunday - Freda Salvador, Los Angeles 


Eternal Bracelets by Fewer Finer [product type] - Fewer Finer
Eternal Bracelets by Fewer Finer [product type] - Fewer Finer

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