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Five Fine Things - 9/22

"The ethos behind Fewer Finer is all about better things, and less of them. Rather than minimalism, it's about surrounding yourself with things you love. Ones with meaning, story, and personality. Five Fine Things highlights some of the pieces of my life that fall into the fewer, finer category; one that encompasses people, places, and physical things."

- Madison

I use my Shinola tote everyday. It is perfect in all it's small details! This isn't the exact one I have but is similar and I love the inside pockets.

 I love that the Saie Sunvisor is not tinted but still has a bit of a sheen to it! I only wish I had discovered this at the start of summer!

I don't consume much in the business category, but this quick podcast from Morning Brew has been really insightful!

I recently got some of these to use when doing Sculpt Society and Gillian Johnson Wellness workouts at home!

I'm obsessed with the chicken schnitzel from a market in my neighborhood and this Bon Appétit version is very similar! So good with the lemon juice and zest!

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