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Five Fine Things - 5/20

May 10, 2020


01. New York Times Front Page Puzzle - I gifted the 1000 piece one to my mom for Christmas. It was the front page of the paper on the day she was born. She's been working at it for weeks, as you can imagine in all black and white it is so hard! If you're a serious puzzle person, or know one, this is a really cool thing!


02. The Silk Scrunchies I love - I've been wearing them to bed to tame my long hair. I wasn't sure if they would make a difference but they really do!


03. The story behind these famous photos of Muhammad Ali. I thought this was funny!


04. Mini Spatula and Spoonula you won't want to be without. Plus, the new Massive Spatula I didn't know I needed.


05. Mother Tongue - Sign up for their newsletter here, and watch what they're up to on IG here. I encourage you to read the captions of their posts - they are full of really great, practical, and applicable tips for cooking. I'm so proud of them!

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